My lunch with 50 women all over the age of 80

It was a cloudy day in late April that threatened rain. 

What else would you expect during spring in Oregon? 

I stepped briskly off the bus, umbrella in hand, on my way to lunch. I was on a mission to convince a room of dedicated Oregon Duck fans to help us raise money for children’s cancer research. 

I walked with sure steps, convinced of my purpose and mission, into a room packed with the kindest old women you’ve ever seen.

Each one was dressed from head to foot in green and yellow, as any true Duck fan would.

I felt a little out of place, having never met any of them before and clearly not blending in with the crowd.

Thankfully, I quickly ran into my contact for the lunch who offered to pay for my lunch and showed me where to get a plate.

After enjoying a catered lunch of chicken, mashed potatoes, and vegetables, I got up to give my presentation. I briefly described our mission, the hard work our team had put in, and how this group could help us accomplish our goal. It went rather well, I thought. 

But then the questions began. And oh, did they have questions.

They wanted to know everything there was to know about the event—and about me. When was it? What would be going on? Where was the money going? How did I get involved? How old was I? Did I have a girlfriend?

I left thoroughly questioned.

And an interesting story about having lunch with 50 women all over the age of 80.

Jesse Summers