It’s Okay To Like Who You Were More Than Who You Are

We don’t stay the same.

Fortunately and unfortunately, as humans, we are constantly growing and changing from the moment we are born to the moment we go on to whatever is next.

During this never-ending evolution, we sometimes come across phases of liking who we were more than who we are right now.

This is normal and something I’ve experienced a couple times, even though I’m only 24.

I think back on the person I was and see myself as a more confident, successful, and passionate person.

Part of this is probably me not remembering the struggles I was going through or just seeing the past with rose-colored glasses, but I think there were times when I was better than I am now.

But in the end, that’s okay. 

We have to go through these slumps and difficult periods so we can get to better places and versions of ourselves.

Don’t let current struggles and growth get you down.

Being uncomfortable with who we are right now is just another reason to keep growing and bettering ourselves. It’s a good driver to keep moving forward.

Don’t get caught up in the past and what was—loosing sight of what’s to come in the future.