You Can’t Rush Finding Your Tribe

Photo by  Guy Kawasaki  on  Unsplash

Photo by Guy Kawasaki on Unsplash

Finding your people in a new (or even an old) place takes time.

People have always been an important part of feeling like I fit somewhere.

From a groggy “good morning” to deep conversations about life and work, knowing the people around me and being connected to them in a way that is more than superficial is important to me being the most me.

Whenever I’ve found myself in a new city, a new job, or just with a new group of people, I’ve never felt truly myself until I’ve found the people I can truly connect with.

I always start out in my new-to-this-place state, quiet and observant. I reserve my opinions and try to figure out the social dynamics of what’s around me before venturing out of my shell.

But I’ve never been able to fully come out of my shell until I’ve found someone or a group of people who accept me.

These are the people I feel like I can be myself around them and be accepted.

Because that’s what it’s all really about, right?


We can’t really be ourselves in a space until we feel like we’re a part of that space—until we feel accepted by that space and the other people in it.

We can’t rush this acceptance process, as much as we might want to.

It takes time to find those gems in the crowd of people.

But staying strong and braving those spaces is part of the process too. 

It helps us stay strong in who we are so our like-minded tribe can find us in the crowd.