Don’t Be Afraid Of Changing Your Goals


You are constantly changing. Your goals should change with you.

It can be easy to believe that we are supposed to have a single focus in our lives. One thing we are supposed to be chasing which will work as a barometer for our life.

How close we got to that singular goal will judge how we spent our time and decide if we truly lived.

But life isn’t about getting stuck in a narrowly-focused rut.

Or rather, it shouldn’t be about that.

It is very millennial to not want to have a singular career, but build a career out of diverse experiences.

I see it as a reflection of a more globalized world. We have the opportunity to step out of traditional paths and find inspiration and growth in more places than ever before.

It wouldn’t be natural for us to not change and allow our goals to evolve with a new perspective and understanding.

Don’t be afraid of changing your goals before you’ve achieved them. If the goal is no longer motivating you or aligned with what you value, then you should find something that connects with where you want to go.

It’s up to you to define your goals. Your goals don’t define you.

Jesse Summers