My 2018 in review


2018 was quite the year for me.

Honestly, it’s hard to believe how much changed for me over the course of 2018. My life is in a totally different place than it was at this time last year, but it’s also not.

At the end of 2017, I was unemployed, writing people’s resumes to make a little money, desperately trying to find a full-time job that didn’t make me hate my life. 

I had just graduated from college and completed some promising internships, but instead of a job I had questions about whether copywriting was really meant for me, or rather if I was meant for copywriting. I didn’t know what I wanted, for my career or generally for my life.

I was pretty lost.

Today, I work full-time at a job I love. I work at the university I graduated from doing communications, which is a nice way of summarizing the many different types of things I do. I still get to write, but I get to do so much more. 

The people I work with are incredible and I couldn’t imagine this job without them.

Getting from last year to now didn’t happen instantly and it took a lot of growth, grit, and humility to find my way to this point. But I wouldn’t trade the experience for anything.

My worst moments of 2018 taught me the most. They challenged me to be a better version of myself. Although I can’t say I’ve fully realized that better self, I strive to be that person every day.

Those moments also brought me some of my closest friends and showed me how complex or simple people can make relationships.

This year taught me how to believe in myself even when people tried to make me small and insignificant. It taught me to speak truth and stand up for my values. It taught me to always bet on myself and chase after what’s important.

I’m not sure what 2019 will hold or where I’ll be this time next year, but I want to fill this year with more curiosity, positivity, and love than my past years.

So here’s to a swift kick in the ass as 2018 heads out the door and a warm embrace as we welcome 2019 and all its possibilities.