Two Years

Photo by  Alex Ivashenko  on  Unsplash

Photo by Alex Ivashenko on Unsplash

Two years later and I still think about you. Two years after we stopped talking and I still want to pick up the phone and hear your voice. 

I wonder if you still think about me. I replay the time we spent together. Do you ever think of those times? Studying in the library, talking into the early morning, cooking pasta together. Do those same memories bring a smile to your face or do they bring you pain? Maybe a little bit of both.

Two years later and things have changed. We’re different people in different places. There’s a distance to how I think about you.

A knowing and an unknowing.

I understand more of what happened between us. I’ve had time to process through the why’s of what I said, understand my own insecurities and pain. I’ve come to accept what was and who I am, then and now.

It’s been two years. How have you changed? Who are you now? Do you still laugh at the same things? Where do you spend your time?

All those questions and more. Two years worth of questions unanswered. All of them adding to the mystery of you.

Two years later. I still wish you the best and hope you’re achieving your dreams. You deserve the world as much as anyone I’ve ever known.