I have this reoccurring dream.

Photo by  Jack Finnigan  on  Unsplash

Photo by Jack Finnigan on Unsplash

I’m inside a restaurant walking to join my friends at a table. I walk around the corner and my friends are at a table directly to my left. There’s an open seat against the wall for me. 

But at the next table over, there’s someone I used to know. She used to be my best friend. She was someone I trusted like nobody else.

As I walk around the table, trying to avoid meeting my ex-friend’s gaze and find my seat, I realize it’s a dream. I remember it’s also a dream I’ve dreamed before.

Then I wake up. No conclusion to the moment. Did she see me? Did we talk at all? Why were we there in the first place?

These dreams have made me sad. They remind me of a great friendship that ended in pain and silence. I don’t know if it was a failure on my part or how much of a part either of us played in it.

I doubt I will ever know and I don’t think a dream is going to give me that closure.

But maybe the dream is just reminding me that there wasn’t closure.